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Courses - OCR Internet Technologies 1

This course covers the use of E-mail, using the Internet browser, searching for information and producing simple web pages.

The aim of this course is to give you the skills required for the office of today, with all the electronic tools that can make working a lot faster. This course is ideal for those of you who may not have been on the internet or maybe just wanting to consolidate the knowledge and skills you already have.

The course layout covers:

  • Replying to E-mail
  • Forwarding E-mail
  • Sending E-mail to multiple addresses
  • Sending E-mail with attachments
  • Storing addresses
  • Retrieving stored E-mails and addresses
  • Establishing internet connections
  • Accessing specified URLs
  • Using an external search engine
  • Storing and printing web pages
  • Entering text into a web design editor
  • Applying heading, style and alignment formats
  • Importing and positioning graphics
  • Linking web pages
  • Adding external links to web pages
  • Storing and printing web pages

This course is conducted though on-going practical assessment. You will be permitted two attempts at each assignment, lasting one hour each.


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