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Courses - Website Design

Skills required:
You do not have to know programming languages like HTML (Hyper-Text Mark-up Language) and Java to be able to create a website.

You can use Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft FrontPage or Macromedia Dream Weaver to design a simple, but functional website.

You will learn the basics of HTML and then go on to build your own site. New beginners will grasp the concepts of web design with trusted teaching methods, enabling them to take the next steps to that well paid job in the web designer market.

Making advancements
Those of you who have knowledge of programming will pick up the HTML coding quickly and then move on though to more complex designs and other packages.

It will not take long before YOU will be building web sites.

Advanced courses
Advanced courses are available with FrontPage or using MSE, fast site, pearl, and java to develop and manage web sites. Plus we have graphic design and animation courses--contact us for details.


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