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Essential downloads that you might find usefully or helpful. To download them simply click on the image of the program you would like. If you find any dead links or simply links that are broken and don't work, then please report it to us so we could fix the problem.

Adware 6 a good spyware removal tool.

Adobe Reader 0.7 this will read all those vital pdf files or version 0.5 for earlier systems.
Yahoo instant messenger so you keep in contact with your friends
Msn messenger 6 all new instant messenger with animated emoticons from msn.
Winrar like winzip so you can decompress those files.
Belarc Advisor a powerful and a must have tool for it gives you a print out of everything on your computer so you know what you have.
PcBugDoctor this does what it's name says really a good program and needed by all.
Like Winrar and Winzip. EnZip is another decompression tool.but this does decompress more then most.
Winzip This is probably the most well known decompression tool around. Its easy to use and most files are decompressed using this tool.
Internet Explorer what can be really said about this. This is the well known program that lets you surf the net..


Easy to use FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Program, courtesy of smartFTP.com.

Free AVG Antivirus software, great for keeping your computer safe.

Free File sharing tool, for downloading files from people around the world.

Popupstopperfree helps stop those pesky pop up ads.

Real player, a great free music player for your PC.






Soundcapture, useful software for capturing audio from your soundcard.







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