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PC Upgrades & Repairs

If you have a PC, network or a web site problem, we can solve it. Perhaps you want a computer purpose built for you?
We can travel to you to fix the problem, what ever it may be.

Price list for upgrades and repairs:
(These are labour charges only, materials can be purchased by the Centre or provided by the client.)

CD-ROM for £30 Windows upgrades from £60
Increase your RAM Memory for £30 Office installations from £60
CD RW/DVD for £50  
Install a virus checker for £30 Network installation at £30 an hour
Virus checking and repair for £30 an hour (note this can take a long time)  

We can also...

  • Solve network problems
  • Clean up your hard drives and defragment them
  • Assist in workstation development
  • Set up automatic system services
  • Add new hard drives
  • Upgrade and add sound cards, modems and network cards
  • Upgrade processors and main boards
  • Build new PCs to your specifications

We are not service engineers and should not be a replacement for your current service's provider, we can however offer certain services - please contact us.

E-mail us for more information:

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