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The fee is £ 35.00 per person and lasts 3 hours (approximation)

This consultancy session is for those of you who require an introductory overview when buying a new or second hand PC and would be interesting to:

  • Small business owners
  • Parents of school children
  • College students
  • Teachers
  • Training officers
  • Staff development officers

Taking this Advice
Today in the fast moving world of computers we all seem to be being left behind. Almost every day a new computer comes onto the market and sales people are always trying to convince you that "this is the one for you". They throw in lots of freebies that you may not need.

It is not easy to try to compare the prices of the different makes and types of PC's as they all have freebies and differing specifications.

This courses is to arm you with some of the technical jargon and information which you need to gain the right PC for you, knowing what you need and what the PC will do for you now and in the future.


Each year the number of internet users world wide is doubling, driven by companies and individuals recognising the advantages of being a part of this global computer communication revolution.

Thought the internet, business are communicating, trading and learning from each other, their customers, colleagues, partners and suppliers.

Everyday they are mining the wealth of information and news available on the internet, and relying upon it to help plan and develop their business activities. Many are using the internet as a medium to serve their customers and improve communications with suppliers and business partners.

Whatever the size or type of your business, the internet can help you to become more efficient, more flexible and more profitable.

For an estimate to be provided for your site development at this time would be impossible as we cannot specify the work which will be under taken for each individual person or company.

We do however endeavour to provide you with the best value for money and offer after care. We would try to beat another company's quote.


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